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Being a mother, a woman, a partner, and a human being is complicated and comes with all kinds of challenges that can be difficult to navigate alone. This group is a space to explore all the complexities of being a woman and a mother, whether it's parenting issues, partner struggles, work related stress, grief and loss, or just general anxiety about life. Play dates and mommy dinners are great and so necessary (when we could do them) but this is a safe place to go deeper. This group is for women who are looking for community, personal growth, support, and resources. 

Each group begins with a short meditation to ground us and spend time turning inward, since as mothers we often spend much of our time taking care of others. Then there is time for everyone to check-in, share how they are doing, ask any questions, and get support. This has been especially helpful during COVID-19, as we are all isolated from friends and family and staying connected is more important than ever. After check-ins various topics, which are chosen through collaboration with the group members' needs and interests, are explored and discussed. This group will help you feel more connected to yourself, other women, your family, community, and society because we address your whole self.


Possible topics are:

  • Reflecting on Relationships with Other Women

  • The Spiritual Journey of  Motherhood

  • Connecting with Your Partner and Navigating Conflict

  • Joys and Challenges of Parenting

  • Acknowledging Feelings and Setting Limits

  • How to Foster Healthy Sibling Relationships

  • Looking at Gender and Gender Messaging

  • Exploring Power & Privilege

  • Understanding Your Inner Critic/Critical Voice

  • Self-Care & Mental Health

Groups currently meet weekly over Zoom from 8pm-10pm.

  • A new group will begin on Thursday nights starting on August 6th so contact me at if you want to join.

Groups are $20-30 per group. Sliding scale available for those who need it.

For more information or to join, contact me at


Debbie's Women Circle has been life changing. I feel a true sense of community with the other members of our group, which has empowered me to build stronger connections within my community, my family, and myself. As a mother of two, I have participated in several parenting groups over the years, but Debbie's inspiring guidance has been most transformative because we discuss not only our roles as mothers, but as women and human beings seeking to help build a more compassionate world. Debbie has my deepest gratitude and highest regard. - Michelle 


Is this group for 1st time or 2nd time moms? What ages are the children?

The focus of this group is community and support so all mothers are welcome with children of all ages. Having said that, mothers with newborns may feel more comfortable in a newborn group since the experiences in those first few months are so unique and do need a different kind of support. I am not currently running a newborn group but would be happy to start a group so contact me if you are interested in that kind of support.

How is this group different from other mom groups?

The inspiration for this group came from being a mom, myself, who moved to LA several years ago and struggled to find a mommy group that fostered community and supported the mother's experience, as well as the child's. Rather than complain about it, I decided to create what I was looking for. This group is different from other mommy groups in that it focuses on the experience of being a mother, a woman and a human being. Yes, we will talk about how to support your child's development and growth but we will also talk about your development and growth. The groups are also smaller which allows space for sharing and going deeper. There is a loose curriculum but this group is more organic and I like to tailor the group to the needs and interests of the group members.

Is this group diverse and inclusive?

As a woman of color, I know how it feels to join a mommy group and be the only person of color in the group. Motherhood is isolating enough and my hope and intention is to create a safe space for all mothers, particularly women of color and LGBTQ parents. That is why one of the topics we cover in the group is power and privilege and we continue to revisit this topic again and again, since we are all on a journey of learning and growing. Especially during this time when racial equality is top of mind for many, I feel passionate about creating a safe space to talk about race, racism, power, and privilege.

How many weeks is the group?

There is no set timeline for the group. You pay per group each week so the group will go on as long as members want it to continue. I typically check in every 4-6 weeks to see how the group is going and if any changes are needed.

What payment do you accept?

Venmo, PayPal, Zelle. During COVID 50% of the group fee will be donated to various organizations chosen by group members. If you need a sliding scale fee, please contact me.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me at

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