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**Currently I am not running these groups - check out the Women's Circle**

Becoming a mother for the first, second or even third time, is a wonderful and joyous time in life but it can also be lonely, exhausting and full of challenges. Motherhood really is the hardest job in the world and we are not meant to parent in isolation. We need community!

My mommy groups offer a space for mothers to be around other mothers and to share all the joys and struggles of being a mom. Many mommy groups are focused on the baby - how to get the baby to sleep, how to deal with teething, how to introduce solids, etc. That is certainly important and every mother wants tips and advice, but my groups offer something that is often missing in other groups, supporting the journey of the mother. We not only birth our children and help them grow and develop but we also go through our own developmental process that needs nurturing and love too. I believe in supporting mothers through this journey by creating a friendly, non-judgmental space that allows mothers to share, be heard and feel less alone. My hope is that these groups give mothers a safe place to talk about motherhood in an honest way so that they can tune into their own intuitive wisdom and feel empowered to be the kind of mother they want to be.  


Come share your experience and be in community with other mothers. 

First Time Mommy Groups 

This group is for first time moms who are looking for support through the big life change of becoming a new mother. Each week mothers can come and share what’s going on and get support. The groups are organic and allow for whatever emerges each week but here are some themes we might cover:

  • Identity shifts as a new mother

  • Self-care and how to find time for yourself

  • Discovering yourself as a mother

  • Partner Issues

  • Postpartum Challenges - "Baby Blues," Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

  • Looking at ways you were parented and what you want to take or leave

  • Mindful parenting and RIE parenting

  • The spiritual journey of being a mother

  • And of course SLEEP

Contact me to sign up or to get more information.

2nd Time Mommy Groups 

This group is for mothers of multiple children who are looking for community and a place to talk about all the wonderful and hard moments of juggling two or more children. As 2nd time mothers, you already have a lot of wisdom and knowledge from your first but every baby is different and meeting the needs of two or more children is a whole other ballgame. This group also has an organic format but some issues we may talk about are:

  • Sibling Dynamics and how to support your children through this big transition

  • Self-Care and finding time for yourself

  • Partner Issues and how to stay connected

  • Postpartum Challenges - "Baby Blues," Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

  • Mindful parenting and RIE parenting

  • The continued spiritual journey of motherhood

  • And again SLEEP

Contact me to sign up or to get more information.


What to bring - I will have blankets to sit on and toys for the babies but be sure to bring anything you or your little one will need - diapers, wipes, sunscreen, hats, warm layers, water, snacks, etc.

Siblings - Siblings are welcome to join the group, as long as you feel they will be okay in an outdoor setting and won't be too disruptive to you or the group.

Illnesses - If your baby has had a fever in the last 24 hours or has a runny nose that needs to be wiped every few minutes, please keep your baby at home.  If you are healthy and you have childcare available, you are still welcome to join the group without your baby.

Payment - Groups are $40/group. Please bring payment to each group. I accept cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle. Sliding scale available for those who need it.


Cancellation - Being a mother of two myself, there may be times when I need to cancel the group at the last minute so be sure to check your email the morning of the group.

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