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Safe Place Meditation

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

We are in week 4 of "safer at home" and my family has, for the most part, settled into life at home but with so much going on around the world there are moments when I feel anxious, scared, and sad. I know there are so many families dealing with illness, grief and loss, and uncertainty about the future. And when you cannot leave the house without a mask or hand sanitizer, the world can feel scary and unsafe.

So I thought I'd share a meditation where you can drop into a safe place and find some comfort and safety for a moment:

  • Find a quiet space to sit or lie down. If sitting, find a comfortable position, cross legged on a pillow or on a chair with your feet on the ground. Place your hands in your lap or palms up with thumb and forefinger touching.

  • Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath.

  • Slowly lengthen and deepen your breath for several breaths noticing how you feel as you take in long, intentional breaths and slowly exhale each breath. Allow yourself to simply be with each breath. Not needing to do anything but breathe.

  • If thoughts come in, notice them, let them float by, and come back to your breath.

  • Now begin to visualize a place where you feel safe. Maybe it's a real place you have been to or have never been to or maybe it's an imaginary place. It's doesn't matter as long as it's somewhere you feel safe and comfortable.

  • Start to fill in the details of your safe place. What colors do you see? What smells do you notice? What sounds do you hear around you? What sensations do you notice in this place? What objects are around you? Is there a person, an animal, or a fictional creature there with you who helps you feel safe? Maybe add a specific object to that space that brings comfort and warmth to you. It can be something you currently have in your home or maybe it's something from your past. A blanky or favorite stuffed animal from childhood. Anything that adds comfort to your safe place.

  • Now let yourself fully be in this safe space without any worries or concerns. You can relax here and nothing can harm you. You are safe.

  • Stay here as long as you would like and breathe.

  • When you are ready, say goodbye to your safe place but know that it is always there whenever you need it.

  • Take a couple of final deep breaths and slowly bring your awareness back to the room around you. Wiggle your toes and fingers and take your time to open your eyes.

  • Return to your safe place as often as you want and need. It is your safe place.

I hope this meditation is helpful and gives you a break from all the stressors around you. Stay healthy and safe.


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